~Study Week~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t



This is such a stressing week for me and my classmates as there are lots to study in such a limited time. However, we are so lucky as Miss Syahmin (one of our classmates) manages to find the educational technology notes in Dr. Rosseni’s blog. A big applause for that. Iiiyeaayy…


in the meantime, I am a little bit busy in finishing my individual reflections and one minute pitch as the dead line is tomorrow, really hope that I manage to finish all of these by the end of tomorrow, may Allah ease everything.

Okay, back to the main topic, guys… After having some revision and have a look at the past year question, I have found out that there will be two sections in the examination paper (section A and B) in which it is compulsory for us to answer. Yeap, I really need to revise everything in the notes as, In shaa Allah I will.

And I will give my best in answering the examination questions next week.


Reflection Week 14: Edutechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum wbt


today is the last day of the Educational Technology class in which we need to present the videos for final evaluation. As for my group, we did change the a bit of our video as Dr. Rosseni suggested that we should put more paper cutting, change the font and also the colors of the font that should be contrast with the background colors. after facing some sleepless nights finishing the videos, we eventually make it to finish the video, Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.


And once again, after every group’s presentation, we need to vote using clicker and our group, Minnion Production gets 3.60 out of 4.00. Alhamdulillah, I really thank Allah. However, that is not going to be the final mark yet, our video will also be evaluated by Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr. Helmi, Bro Fuad, Kak Wani, Kak Durra and some of the seniors. Apart from feeling relief because we manage to finish our video, we also feel nervous as the other groups are much better than us, so we do not put a very high expectation towards the video. We have put much effort in producing this video, and even our video will not be chosen as the best, but in our heart, it is still the best video of all.

 Okay, this is my group’s video about the Appreciation towards God’s Favor. Our video is about mothers who are always being neglected by the children. The children tends to forget that mothers are one of the favors lavished by Allah SWT to all of us.


Oh yaa, among all of the videos, there are two most interesting videos of all that manage to catch my eyes, forcing them to put a 100% concentration on the screen while the video is playing on the screen.

The first video is from GG Creation who’s making a video about Heart Donation… So, enjoyyyy


This video won the first place as the messages are clearly delivered and plus, the techniques used in editing this video are also diverse and superb, so good job classmates. I am so proud of you.


Another video is from the Ladies Production who’s making a video about Jawi.


This video won the second place as it has a very good messages inside it. Great job to you too guys.

All of us are the winners, and all of the videos are excellent as the messages are clearly described and creatively delivered to the spectators. There are something that we can learn behind all these, and there are so much new knowledge about technology that we can use and apply in the future.

So, that’s all from me, hope that the ‘ukhwwah’ between all of us will be stronger, thank you so much to Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Bro Fuad, Mr. Helmi and other tutors. we LOVE all of you very much… Thank You.




As Dr. Rosseni requested all of us need to sent out introductory video, so here is my introductory video from the first week. So, enjoy 🙂


This is the video of my one minute pitch


Reflection Week 13: Pre-Edutechnovation Day


Assalamualaikum WBT to all of you. Today is 13 December 2013, means that it is time for the Edutechnovation Day, everyone. So, are you ready??? 

download                are_you_ready_02                   

I bet this is the most tiring week I ever had, however All Praise to Allah because He has given me and my team members the gut and gusto to continue working under pressure in finishing our video. The sleepless nights paid off as we are satisfy with our work although our video needs to be re-edited.

Before the pre-edutechnovation day, we need to send our group’s final video and poster to the Ukm Production FB Group to be pre-evaluated by Dr. Rosseni. According to Dr. Rosseni, our video really need to be edited again as there are motley of problems regarding the messages that are not  delivered clearly by our video. Apart from that, the story line for our video is also very typical according to Dr. Rosseni and Kak Ana. However, Dr. Rosseni do give us a room for improvement and lots of brilliant suggestions in order for us to re-edit the video. Apart from that, Kak Ana suggests that we try to do some public interviews regarding the issue of children leaving their mothers at old folk homes. Mr.Helmi advises us to add some more scenes to complete our video. Thank you very much for the advises, In shaa Allah we will do our best… 


The Edutechnovation Day event begins at 10.20 am, after the arriving of Dr. Rosseni. Bro Fuad will be the MC for the event as he leads the event neatly. Each group will need to pick a number for the turn to present their videos. As for the Minnion Production, our group will be the fourth group in presenting the video, right after Syahmin Alya’s group who is presenting a video about the nature.

Dr. Rosseni also provides us with a clicker for the voting purpose, in my opinion it is a great approach as we can see the impact of the video to the whole class because all of us are required to vote for the group after they are done with their presentations.

Each groups  need to present their slides first before they can proceed with the All groups have done their best, I really can see that from their video as the messages are clearly delivered by each videos. In addition, after all of groups have presented their videos, Dr Rosseni gives some positive comments towards every videos, thank you very much Dr Rosseni for giving such motivational responses. 

After all, everyone did a very good job. I adore everyone’s works in which all of them are very good and impressive, I really hope that I will learn something from this and be a lot prepared for the final presentation next week, In shaa Allah.




Reflection Week 12: Video Inspection

Assalamualaikum WBT…

Today is quite gloomy as…


Dr. Rosseni is dissapointed with all of us. This is due to the poor individual reflection marks given by Kak Ana. The highest mark of the reflection is 10 over 30… Yep, I am so dissapoint with myself, but I guess Dr Rosseni is more dissapoint with all of us. We are very sory Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr Helmi and Bro Fuad…sobsobsob.

However, we are very lucky because Dr. Rosseni wants to help us in improving the marks. So she tells us to improve the past reflections that we have made by adding and polishing it. According to Dr. Rosseni, she will choose the best three reflections that we have made and the next five reflections that will be counted are the reflections for week 12, week 13, week 14, week 15 and week 16.

download (2)

In addition, Dr. Rosseni also reminds us about the Edutechnovation Day that will be held on 13 th December 2013, next week. For the presentation, we need to prepare slides, our group’s video and the poster. 

Hold on a second… 

Dr. Rosseni announces that in week 14, we need to do one more task that worth 10% of our marks. It is ‘ One Minute Pitch’. For the One Minute Pitch, we are required to deliver the messages about the projects, the experiences of finishing the projects, our plan and what we have learnt from the project. 

Actually, we are so lucky to have Dr.Rosseni as our lecturer and more lucky to have such great tutors because they will do anything to help us. I am so sorry to dissapoint all of you. In Shaa Allah, I will do my best for the upcoming indiviual reflections. 

Mr Helmi, Kak Ana and Bro Fuad inspect each groups’ video to give any comments. As for our group, Mr Helmi tells us to cut some scenes because the parts seem boring and dull. Yeap, I am totally agree with his opinion as the front parts of the video ae a bit boring and dull. Kak Ana also gives us her opinion, she wants us to write some captions for thevideo. I guess the video needs to be re-edit as there will be some changes that are compulsory to be made. May Allah ease our work, Minnion Production Crew.

download (3)

I guess that’s all for now. Till we met again in another reflections… Assalamualaikum WBT 

Reflection Week 11: Making A Video Poster

Assalamualaikum WBT and good day to all of you my peeps. Welcome back to my blog, hope that all of you are in a great condition as there are many unsettled things need to be done by us for this course. 

welcomeback1Yeah, Mr Helmi informs the whole class that we will be having a Video Presentation next week, the video need not to be fully ready as there is still time for us to complete the video before the Edutechnovation Day in week 13.  

Kak Ana gives us some lectures and she informs us something about our individual reflections. According to Kak Ana who had gone through our class individual reflections, our reflections are not too good as she doesn’t even know how to grade our reflections…uwaaaa, despite feeling sad of our bad reflections, I actually feel guilty towards Dr.Rosseni and all the tutors because they expect more from us but yet, we dissapoint them


Whatever it is, In Shaa Allah. I will improve my mistakes.

Okay, back to the agenda for this week class. we have been told by Mr Helmi to create A POSTER for our groups’ video. And I was like, whattt??? for your information, I have never done any posters in my entire life. It must be hard for me to create it. However, as I got such magnificent team mates, my gusto level rises up. I hope that kind of gusto will trigger me to do better in creating the poster. 

So, we are required to create a poster based on our video. The concept of the poster needs to be tally with the video, so we really need to brainstorm some ideas to design the poster. The most suitable software to be used to produce a good poster is by using Adobe Photoshop.


As our class did learn something about Adobe Photoshop before with Mr. Helmi, we feel much confidence to use this software to create the poster. 

Mr Helmi repeats what had been taught in class before to give us a clear explanation and demo about Adobe Photoshop. In order to create a poster, firstly we need to of course creating new document. The size of the paper need to be set to A3 size as that is the appropriate and convenience size for a poster. 

Next, add any image to be edited by using Photoshop. the image needs to be floated by clicking the  float in all windows icon. 

Owh yaaa, in the meantime, Mr Helmi explains about the resolution of the pictures that will determine the sharpness of the pictures. According to Mr Helmi, the higher the resolution, the sharper the pictures will be.

Apart from that, Mr Helmi also teaches how to apply colors to the background, how to use blending and so forth.



Even it looks awful but still, I love it so much, huhuhu…

Using Adobe Photoshop is quite hard and challenging to me, yeap. I kind of hate it at first but actually there are lots of advantages when we use Adobe Photoshop. I really hope that I will apply what I have learnt from this class in the future.

So, I guess that’s all for now. till we meet again peeps. Assalamualaikum WBT to all

download (1)

Reflection Week 10: Mini Video Presentation

Assalamualaikum WBT.  What a great day today, lets start our day by saying Alhamdulillah that Allah has given us another day to live


Okay, for this week, we have a presentation in which every groups need to present their video progression and not to mention, the individual and the groups’ blog also. 

The purpose for this presentation is that Dr. Rosseni would like to know at what stages are we and how can she and the other lecturers give their comments to make our video better than before. As for Minnion Production Crew, we only manage to settle three scenes altogether. there are about four scenes more to be shot before the presentation week in week 14. 

These are the pictures from the Minnion Production Crew on the shooting day

DSCN0793                                                     DSCN0794


For this presentation, each groups need to:

  • prepare a medium of presentation by using powerpoint, prezi or any other suitable software
  • the content includes the title, group members, title of the video, the objectives of making the video
  • presentation of the complete parts of the video and the edited ones
  • presentation of the scenes (complete or incomplete)
  • your expectation towards the video

As for the group’s blog, Minnion Production had finished all nine reflections that are required. However, our individual’s blog is progressed slowly as we have lot of works undone. Whatever it is, we will try our best to finish our individual’s blog and may Allah ease our work, In Shaa Allah 🙂

Till we meet again, have a nice Day yaww 🙂

Reflection Week 9: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Assalamualaikum… Olla everyone. So how are you, I hope that you are in the pink of health.


so, for this week, we are doing such a great and fun learning activity regarding Adobe Photoshop CS4. 

As usual, Mr Helmi begins the class by greeting all of us, he tells us that we are going to edit some pictures using a software called Adobe Photoshop CS4. I’ve heard about that before, but again this one is the new version in which I also have Adobe Photoshop in my laptop but an older version one called Adobe Photoshop CS3. 

To be honest with you guys, i don’t think this software is suitable to be used because it is so hard to learn how to use this thing. just imagine, i did have the older version of the Adobe Photoshop but i never used it before and plus, i did not want to learn how  to use it. However, as everything single things taught by our educators are regarded as knowledge, I console myself to accept this as a challenge. so, go go CHAIYOK!!!


So what has been taught by Mr Helmi?

He teaches us how to use the magnetic lasso tool to enable the inserted picture to be cut according to our design.  Furthermore, he also teaches us how to apply the background color to the picture that has been cut and apply some effects such as blur and so on.

so here is the tutorial for the Adobe Photoshop cs4 for the beginner

Reflection Week 6: Windows Live Movie Maker 6.0

Assalamualaikum and Good Day to all of you..   Our class learn how to deal with the Windows Live Movie Maker today. Time to rock…


Mr Helmi gives us  a lecture about the Windows Live Movie Maker 6.0 in which, we will have to use the Movie Maker in editing our video soon. We haven’t finished shooting our video yet, I really hope everything will go smooth and no other problems will occur, In Shaa Allah.

I used to use the older version of Windows Live Movie Maker, so it is pretty challenging for me to adapt and learn the new version of Windows Live Movie Maker 6.0. However, this is the tutorial of how to use Windows Live Movie Maker that may be useful for you

Mr Helmi also teaches us how to insert videos into the Movie Maker, mute the video, add some effects to the video, add transitions, add some musics and songs and last but not least, insert caption and title for your own movie.

in my opinion, the latest version is more versatile and easy to be used compared to the older version, even though it seems quite hard at first. I will certainly use this latest version of WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER 6.0 in editing my movie soon. In Shaa Allah.

Thank you very much Mr Helmi for the precious information.


Assalamualaikum WBT and good day to all. May all of you have a blast day today (^_^)



In our group’s video proposal, we had to make an outline for our video proposal that consisted about five categories. The categories were Introduction, Technology, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

As Dr. Rosseni said before, we could change our story plot anytime we wanted to because as time passed by, many ideas that were not integrated before would pop out in our minds.

ideas                          download

After several serious discussion with my group members, Kuza, Norzahidah, and Fatin, we had decided to change our plot concomitantly with our selected surah, Ar-Rahman. As Dr Rosseni has mentioned before, we are free to change the plot of our video because as the time goes by, many new ideas will come out from their hidden cave in our minds.

This is our new plot…

  • A pathetic mother is left at an Old Folk Home by her son,
  • The old woman sadly reminiscing her past in which she also did the same thing to her mother
  • The old woman tells her story to the nurse
  • The nurse then realize that she also neglects her mother

After all of the groups have presented their proposals, Mr Helmi gives us some lectures on how to produce a good video. He stresses that whenever we shot a video, the subject must not be in the middle but at least 1/3 or 2/3 from the top or the bottom.

Apart from that, Mr Helmi also explains about the angle of shooting. There are three types of angles of shooting, they are normal, high and low angle. In addition, another techniques that need to be learnt in producing good video is the movement of the camera while recording the video. The movements include Pan, Zoom, Tilt, Dolly and Truck.

I think that’s all peeps,Happy recording yaww

images            images           images